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Introduction To SteamPress

Friday, Feb 10, 2017 by Tim

Welcome to SteamPress! SteamPress started out as an idea - after all, I was porting sites and backends over to Swift and would like to have a blog as well. Being early days for Server-Side Swift, and embracing Vapor, there wasn't anything available to put a blog on my site, so I did what any self-respecting engineer would do - I made one! Besides, what better way to learn a framework than build a blog! I plan to put some more posts up going into how I actually wrote SteamPress, going into some Vapor basics like Authentication and other popular #help topics on Slack (I probably need to rewrite a lot of it properly first!) either on here or on, which will be the engineering site for Broken Hands, which is what a lot of future projects I have planned will be under. This however requires DynamoDB integration with Vapor (which the Swift SDK work has been started here) as that is what I use for most of my DB usage (it's cheap, I don't have to manage any DB servers etc and I can tear down/scale web servers and the DB will scale in parallel without me having to do anything). But I digress...