SteamPress 0.5(.1)

Written by Tim on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017

SteamPress recently reached version 0.5.1!

New features

Check the release notes of the releases to find all the changes but the overview is:

  • SteamPress Provider
  • Comments(!) - This was particularly easy to implement but by far the most satisfying!
  • Slug URLS - SEO
  • Better author/tag URLS
  • Remember Me

Breaking changes

  • Move to snake_case
  • Labels are now tags
  • Some of the Leaf templates will be passed different parameters

Next Up

SteamPress is actually reaching some sort of stability which is nice! Most of the main features that I had planned out have now been rounded out and we are starting to get some test coverage. The next items to looks at are:

  • Improve the inputs for Tags. Currently tags are entered as space-separated words, so you can't have tags with more than one word, and you also have no idea what other tags you have used!
  • Improving social media integration - adding social media share buttons to the site and adding support for things like Twitter cards.

I only really anticipate two more breaking changes to the DB coming up, to do with implementing drafts and expanding the Author profile. Hopefully these should come in fairly soon and I might actually have to learn to do migrations!

As always, if you have any feature requests or spot any bugs, please add an issue in Github.

Happy blogging!