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Migrating to Vapor 2

This is a write up of the talk I gave at May's Vapor London Meetup. The slides from that presentation can be found here

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Social Media Support

SteamPress has undergone a number of changes recently! We are now at version 0.8.0! The last couple of versions have seen a large number of improvements for Social Media, including Open Graphs and Twitter Cards. This means that an image like below will be displayed when sharing it:

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SteamPress 0.5(.1)

SteamPress recently reached version 0.5.1!

New features

Check the release notes of the releases to find all the changes but the overview is:

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More Open Source Projects

Vapor Security Headers

Easily add common security headers to your Vapor application to help secure you and your users.

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Vapor OAuth

A fully spec-compliant OAuth2 Provider library built for Vapor.

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SteamPress Example

An easy-to-deploy Blogging Platform for SteamPress. Contains all the code you need to get up and running with SteamPress. In fact, it is the code for this site!

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